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Finding a good hotel can be difficult, especially¬†at short notice. While each hotel offers a unique experience for travellers, the best hotels share certain characteristics that enhance the comfort and enjoyment of their guests. Whether planning a long-awaited holiday or seeking a last minute accommodation for business needs, certain elements must be present in order to enjoy the best hotel stay possible.ServiceThroughout the hospitality industry, quality of service is the primary characteristic that sets the great hotels apart. From first contact to last, hotel staff should be courteous, responsive and helpful. Rooms should be meticulously clean, and any complaints or requests should be handled promptly and to the guest’s satisfaction. Necessities like shampoo, fresh towels, and comfortable beds are all part of the hotel’s overall service to its customers. Most importantly, the hotel should offer a restful experience for its guests. Many hotels offer soundproofed rooms to ensure that all guests enjoy peace and quiet during their stay.LocationFinding a hotel located within convenient distance of popular attractions can make any holiday more enjoyable. For business travellers, close proximity to clients and meetings can save on car hire and cab fares. Generally, better hotels are located in more desirable locales; this can be a quick and easy guideline to finding a suitable hotel when more detailed information is not available. Travellers should be aware, however, that convenient location usually comes at a premium price, especially in areas with high demand for accommodations.ValueThe hotel with the lowest initial rate may not be the best value. Many better hotels include extras and amenities in their basic rate including a free breakfast; some now offer free wireless internet service. Travellers should ascertain precisely what is included in their room rate and what services incur an additional charge. This is especially important for business travellers; internet and phone charges can add significantly to the cost of the stay. For hotels offering a free breakfast, it’s usually a good idea to find out exactly what the breakfast comprises; there is a significant difference between an elaborate breakfast buffet and a couple of lonely pastries on a tray.ReputationWhile firsthand experience is always the best guideline, reviews and ratings are useful in choosing a hotel for business or holidaymaking. Online reviews often give information on cleanliness, likely rates, and the quality of staff. Better hotels usually have an active web presence; this can give a general idea of amenities and extras. Friends, family members, and colleagues can also be a valuable source of information on hotels, especially if they live or work in the area. When in doubt, it’s wise to remember that if you’ve never heard of the hotel in question, there may be a reason for their anonymity.SpaceThe size of the accommodations can make a significant difference in the comfort level provided to guests; a suite can afford needed privacy and room to work and sleep comfortably. Information on room size should be available at the time reservations are made. Some of the last minute hotels London offers may feature smaller rooms than in other areas; this is a factor of higher property costs and more demand for accommodations in this popular destination.Even when seeking a last minute accommodation, these guidelines can assist travellers in finding a good hotel within a reasonable distance of the desired area. When seeking last minute hotels London is probably the most difficult location in which to find suitable accommodations. Even in London, however, knowledgeable travellers can still find a quality hotel to fit their needs without much advance notice.

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Europe has always been a prime travel destination, with millions of international tourists visiting every year. As such, it pays to be a wise traveller by trying to get ahead of the stiff competition for European lodgings. Finding great hotel deals in Europe can be challenging, but with some tips and advice from travel experts, you can increase your chances of spotting a lodging deal and enjoy great travel savings.Planning is always crucial.All travel experts agree that planning your travel itinerary, destinations, and lodging prospects is always important in making your trip successful. A well-planned and exciting trip doesn’t always involve securing reservations in the most expensive hotels, but rather, finding the best options for you and your companions, wherever your destination is. One good strategy when planning for lodging is to look for traveller inns near the attractions you want to visit, or opt for smaller lodgings like hostels, pensions or agritourismos that can fit or even stretch your budget.Look for discounts in smaller European hotel booking websites.When eyeing a major hotel that offers full services, take advantage of the rates, packages, and special offers posted in hotel booking websites. They are pretty easy to spot, since there are now many of these websites, such as Travelocity,, and Orbitz. However, also consider looking at smaller booking company websites, especially those that specialize in European hotels, such as Accommodation and, Venere, Eurhotel, and Eurocheapo. If you prefer reading reviews aside from finding great hotel deals in Europe, Eurocheapo also has some hotel reviews from its editors.But what if you’re looking for smaller hotels with more personalized services? Travel experts say it is still possible to find some on booking websites. However, they also say that your best bet would be to go straight to the websites of these hotels and make direct inquiries. Some of these small hotels don’t get themselves listed in booking websites to save on operating costs, and by making direct inquiries, you may be given the chance to negotiate for a lodging deal.Consider non-hotel lodging options.While doing your research on finding great hotel deals in Europe, you’ll most likely come across several options for budget lodgings. Many international tourists have an impression that travelling to Europe is very expensive, primarily because of pricey hotels and larger inns. However, some frequent travellers to Europe suggest going beyond these conventional and costly options not only to save on lodgings, but also to add a bit of authenticity and uniqueness to your European travel experience. These include small inns, European pension houses, and even small vacation houses or apartments. Apartments and vacation houses are getting more popular for a longer stay, for they allow tourists to save on food by giving them the option to cook for themselves instead of dining out all the time.